Development of an Empire
  • Exploration begins: send out explorers...ex. Portuguese - Vasco de Gama
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  • Nationalistic Sentiment
    • Strong nationalistic sentiments enabled countries to mobilize their populations and resources for purposes of overseas colonization.
    • Colonization gave countries influence and power on the global stage and was viewed as an essential part of building a successful country.
  • Mass migration ... ex. Mayflower
    • Mass migration is to move into or come to live in a region or community especially as part of a large-scale and continuing movement of population
  • Form Relationships with surrounding natives
    • Example: When the English went into North America they became trusted by the natives and exploited the relationship to obtain food and resources.
  • Formation of colonies
    • Example: Europe set up economic settlements in Africa and Asia. Also they had people take up positions of authority to represent their country in the foreign area.
    • Settlers were often convicted prisoners or poverty stricken people looking for more opportunity and cheap land.
  • Industrialization – The organizational and technological changes that transformed agrarian economies into machine driven economies.
    • Industrialization gave countries the needed wealth to conquer other lands. external image smokestack2.jpg
    • Military advancement- better weapons
    • Printing press- helped spread ideas to other regions/countries
  • Economic systems grow stronger
  • Examples: Cotton growing – Egypt; Rubber – Congo; Tea – India; Spices – East Asia
  • Development of Thought
    • Example: The Enlightenment allowed for a new way of thinking resulting in change in different aspects of society such as government. Some other examples include the Protestant Reformation and Scientific Revolution.
  • Seize Political Power
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      Countries displaced the existing governments in areas they conquered in order to further their profits and “civilize the natives”.
    • Example: King Leopold II of Belgium originally created the Congo Free State as a free trade colony. Eventually became political colony with forced labor.
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