APWH Review Wiki

Greetings AP reviewers. This wiki is designed to help you review for the AP World History exam that will take place in May.

A wiki is a special type of website where all users can log in and edit every page. All edits can be reverted back to previous versions, and anyone who makes edits has to be logged in. Meaning, if you make a silly edit, you'll be found out. Of course the most famous wiki is wikipedia.org. You may remember our discussion about how it recently beat the Yongle Encyclopedia as the largest encyclopedia ever amassed. Sorry Mings.

This wiki will serve the purpose of helping you to study for your AP exam. Here is how it's going to work. The college board breaks our course up into 5 different time periods. Within each time period, there are several key concepts the college board expects you to know as it relates to world history. If done correctly, this wiki will cover many of the concepts laid out by the college board and allow you to browse them by topic.

The key and defining factor in this wiki is you! You will be the ones creating each page. You will be the ones adding the content. You will be the ones taking the test. The ultimate value of this page therefore rests in your hands. You will not be alone in this endeavor. Other members of your AP sophomore class will be reviewing and evaluating your content to ensure accuracy.

Below you will find two different links. One of these links will direct you to the page where you can see what group you are in. The other will direct you to the main review page. You and your group will be responsible for completing the following for your specific page:
  • research your assigned topic using Internet, textbook, class notes, other books, etc
  • write a detailed, yet concise response to your topic. You do not need complete sentences, actually lists and bullets are encouraged and usually easier to study from.
    • be sure to:
      • use relevant facts
      • make connections where necessary
      • define specific people and terms
  • link key vocabulary and ideas to other pages on the internet
  • evaluate the two other assigned articles for quality and content. Make changes and additions where necessary
  • At the end of your review page make sure to list the names of group members working on the page as "creators". Also on the pages you evaluate, list your names there as well as "evaluators"

Completion points will be given for this assignment.

Remember, the better you do on your page, the better everyone will do on the AP test.
APWH Review Page